23 May 2018

Student Success Program

The student success program is a collective effort of the student affairs and the student development center in order to help students cope-up with problems they face during their time at Kateb University.

Objectives and Activities

  1. Trainings on essentials soft and hard skills needed for career advancement
  2. Efforts to improve the quality of Academic Knowledge for students
  3. Establishment of new clubs to give students the chance to lead along their peers
  4. Providing students with the right network they need for future job success through organizing jobs fairs, educational visits, national and international conferences
  5. Working on student attitude towards volunteerism, global citizenship, creative learning and critical approach
  6. Providing career services opportunities to students willing to do Work Study or Internships on or off campus.
Areas of Consideration Particulars Offices Involved
Skills Soft Skills

Hard Skills

Student Affairs


Academic Knowledge Based on University Curriculum Academic Affairs
Extra Curricular Activities Student Clubs

Work Study

Student Affairs
Network Job Fairs


Educational Trips

National and International Conferences

Student Affairs



Attitude Global Citizenship approach

Learning approach

Critical and Creative Thinking Approach

Student affairs
Career Services Opportunities Work-Study at University

Job Announcements

MoUs with different organizations for providing career opportunities to KU students

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