27 May 2021

The Kateb Research Center organized a seminar on “Introduction to Library”.

Kateb Research Center organized a seminar on “Introduction to library” for the new students admitted to Kateb University. This seminar was held on May 24 and May 25, 2021 at study hall of the university’s main branch. The webinar started at 1:00 pm and continued till 3:00 pm.

At the beginning of the seminar, Dr. Sayed Hamid Mousavi, Directors of the Research Center, while welcoming all students, pointed out the importance of reading, and stated that one of the most important parts of any educational institution is its library. Kateb University has two libraries located at Main Branch and Barchi Branch. These libraries are under the supervision of university’s research center and all students are welcome to come here. Dr. Mousavi noted that the research center has further plans to improve the services to students. These includes reading competitions, launching digital libraries and holding seminars, workshops, webinars and conferences, which are the priority programs of this center.

Dr. Mousavi pointed out that fortunately, Kateb University is accredited  as the most prestigious university among other private universities and furthermore this university entered in the THE Impact Ranking regarding achieving sustainable development goals (SDGs). This is a sign of commitment and action in the development of science and knowledge.

Then Mr. Sayed Jamaluddin Hashemi in charge of main branch’s library and Milad Jahangir in charge of Barchi branch’s library provided information about library branches, library membership conditions, rules and regulations of using books, library lending system, conditions of using books and resources, statistics of books, articles and dissertations, rules and regulations of using the study hall and student settlement system.

The seminar ended with Dr. Mousavi’s guidance to the digital library.



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