14 Feb 2021

Webinar on “Challenges and Opportunities of Education” and “Rehabilitation of Indian Economy in Corona Time”

Economics Faculty of Kateb University and Allahabad University held a WebSem on “Challenges and Opportunities of Education” presented by Mr. Mohammad Shaker Azizi and “Rehabilitation of Indian Economy in Corona Time” presented by Prof. A.K. Mukherjee.
At first, Ms. Ekta Verma, the program coodinator, introduced both universities and the speakers (Prof. A.K. Mukherjee, Dean of Commerce Faculty at University of Allahabad and Mr. Mohammad Shaker Azizi, Head of Business Administration Department at Kateb University).
At the beginning of the program, Prof. Mukherjee talked about the challenges India has faced in the areas of economy and education and mentioned about how the Indian government is working to rehabilitate the situation and issues existing in India.
He further stated that the only sector which was effected at a lesser level by the pandemic was agriculture, because the rural people were safe rather than the urban people. Talking about the rehabilitation, he mentioned that the organized sector was even better than the unorganized sector because we do not have much data in the area of unorganized sector. At the end of the presentation, he provided comprehensive responses to the questions asked by the participants.
Following the session, Mr. Mohammad Shaker Azizi has delivered his presentation on education’s challenges and opportunities in corona time. Mr. Azizi has highlighted that how COVID-19 adversely affected the education and higher education institutions around the globe and how Afghan government responded to COVID-19.
His speech focused on the situation of lock down in Afghanistan and the facts and figures of the students who were out of school during the pandemic. He also talked about the challenges of e-learning. Lastly, he also mentioned the opportunities which were brought by the new approaches in the e-learning. One of those opportunities was the experience of using the online classes for the first time. At last, he briefly responded to the questions asked by the participants.


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