11 Jan 2021

Webinar on “From Research Concepts to the Industrialization of Research”

On January 10, 2021 Kateb Research Center held a webinar on “From Research Concepts to the Industrialization of Research” from 3:00 to 4:30 P.M, through Zoom Conferencing Software.

In this webinar, the presenters were Dr. Shakardokht Jafari, Professor at Sari University and Research Professor at Kateb Research Center, Dr. Farzad Yousefi, CEO of Norazhan Knowledge Enterprise Company and Research Professor at Kateb Research Center, Dr. Sayed Hamid Mousavi, Head of Kateb Research Center and Dr. Abbas Ali Hossaini PhD. at Biotechnology at Istanbul Gelisim University and Research Professor at Kateb Research Center.

In this webinar, which was participated by around 200 participants, Dr. Sayed Hamid Mousavi welcomed the participants and the speakers. He talked on “The Need of Establishing Knowledge Enterprise Companies in Afghanistan”. Regarding the titles he highlighted the definition of knowledge enterprise company, its importance, its functionalities, the aim of establishing theses companies, working areas of these companies, specialized area of such companies, supporting benefits and the status of these companies in detail.


Then, Dr. Abbas Ali Hussaini began his talk on “Relying in experience in arriving a research idea – the result of a product”. He stated that applying a new plan and idea for research which leads to a production that can be marketed and the basis of these conversations is mt personal experiences. Plans and ideas are actually the product of our mind’s imagination. For example, our mind roams like a sluggish horse to be able to fantasize about anything, bu in reality there are a series of chains which limit our mind. Sometimes coming up with a new idea can lead us to a product, we have to get those chains out of our minds. These chains include financial shortage, laboratory facilities shortage, lack of knowledge in our field of expertise and so on.

Dr. Farzad Yousefi spoke on “The Idea of Producing Recombined Proteins”. Dr. Yousefi pointed out how he succeeded to produce a protein enzyme called Phenylalanine Dihydrogenase and how he industrialized and mass-produced this enzyme.

Afterward, Dr. Shakardokht Jafari talked about expressing her personal experience from the idea to the industrialization level and the problems she has struggled in reaching these high level of science and research.

Then, Dr. Fada Mohammad Peykan began his speech by thanking and appreciating the professors. Dr. Peykan pointed out that unfortunately we have many problems in our country. One of the best hospitals in the country is the French Hospital, where Dr. Shakrdakht Jafari has been working for some time, but unfortunately other hospitals have much lower facilities and there are many problems in Afghan hospitals. As the officials are aware and also we all know that the problems of the country are increasing. We are committed to working with doctors, hospitals and specialists on cancer, incurable diseases and non-diagnosis of various diseases. And we ask all our friends to work together with your expertise to save each other’s lives in order to save the country from the existing problems.

The webinar ended with Q&A session.


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