30 May 2020

Year Six, Thirteenth Edition, Summer 2019

The importance of research in the present age is not hidden from anyone because in the contemporary world, science is developing very fast. Only the countries that care about research and development will move ahead in this competition. Today, a significant percentage of the gross domestic products of developed countries and even emerging economic powers are being devoted to research. Due to the nature and dynamics of Economics, only an economist who is fully acquainted with current issues and familiarized with the current challenges facing the world, is able to solve them. The only way to get familiarized with solutions for current issues, is research and study of up to date articles.

The fact that this year’s Nobel Prize was awarded to Kramer, Banerjee and Duflo also confirms the importance of their research in the field of poverty, despite the abundance of theories of poverty alleviation in the economy.

Keeping all of the above in mind, the Faculty of Economics of Kateb University publishes economic articles in the Scientific Research Journal of Kateb University. Kateb Scientific Research Journal is published quarterly and each edition is specialized in one field. In the thirteenth edition of this journal, articles by professors with valuable works that focus on solving the country’s economic problems have been published. In our fully politicized society, publishing and disseminating scientific works of the country’s academic community can be an effective aid to the growth and prosperity of the country’s economic situation. Hopeful to be further welcomed by country’s economic thinkers, we will be able to take bigger step to continue the path. Finally, in addition to thanking the authors of the articles in this issue, all experts, authors and honored professors are invited to publish their works in the next editions of Kateb’s Quarterly Journal, which will be related to economics.



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