29 Mar 2018


Homayoun Raofi

One of my biggest inspirations in life was to get my masters degree in International Law. Since my graduation from Law School, I was looking to get my LL.M in Afghanistan. In 2013, I heard that Kateb University has started LL.M program for the first time in Afghanistan. Finally, my dreams came true. I have immensely benefited from research, teaching, academic interaction and other opportunities that Kateb University has presented.\ I witnessed lots of remarkable and positive changes, after graduation from Kateb University. One of the notable change was that it paved the way for me to get jobs with international organization for which an LL.M degree was must. On the other hand, the practical research assignments which we had at Kateb University helped and improved my academic life, where I was able to conduct some research regarding some important and hot topics in Afghanistan. As Kateb University focuses on practical research assignments, I have also had the chance to participate in a Qualitative Research Methodology classes. The program was jointly organized by Kateb University and Washington Ethical Consultant Corporation. This program helped me to enhance my professional skills in the area of qualitative research methodology.

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