14 Jun 2020

Develop Solutions for SDGs

To develop solutions for the SDG-related challenges that hinder academia’s and education institutions’s progress towards achieving SDGs in Afghanistan, SDSN Afghanistan has identified specific solutions. In order to address these issues, we will develop a data center that houses primary and secondary data on the current situation and progress towards A-SDGs. This center based in Kateb University and administered by qualified staff, will help researchers and practitioners to more efficiently manage and utilize SDG-related primary and secondary data. We are well aware of the need and importance of technology platforms for A-SDGs. SDSN Afghanistan will support advocacy for research around Afghanistan’s unique capacities that enable the nation to emerge as a regional and global player. Also, we will explore solutions to enhance technological capacity of the country in light of its industrial needs – eventually adding value to locally produced goods and commodities. 

Further, the need for a proper monitoring and reporting mechanism has been raised at multiple occasions by experts. SDSN Afghanistan will address this need by providing an integrated plan to monitor the overall progress of the nation towards SDGs. We will establish feasible data collection and processing mechanisms (including the above-mentioned data center) to report on annual SDG Indices for Afghanistan focused on developments in the public, private sectors, the civil society, and academia. In the long run, SDSN Afghanistan is planning to develop a capacity to report SDG Indices for the Central Asian region. In addition to the above actions, We will provide a gap analysis in the current policies, and will provide viable policy options – that can be later evaluated to feed back into the decision-making processes.


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