22 Apr 2018

Office of Graduate Studies

The office of graduate studies at Kateb University offers masters courses on:

1. Sociology

2. Law

3. International Relations

4. Economics

On general basis the office of graduate studies aims to train professionals in the future who can contribute to the world’s knowledge with higher potentials for knowledge intake and research.

Getting a graduate degree is important and even more important for students in Afghanistan because they need to invest in their futures. In the fast growing economy and competitive environment, students need to have a more of an undergraduate degree in order to get noticed in the job market, make connections, get academic recognition and improve their financial status. Most importantly, by learning more they can find the potentials to change the life of their prospects.

In the next five years, the office of graduate studies aims to:

1. Run a doctoral program in the following majors

– Criminal Law and Criminology

– International Relations

– Economics

2. Expand and develop the current masters program to:

– Special Law

– Human Rights

– Computer Science

– Management

– Political Sociology

3. Publish Scientific-Research Journals

4. Organize Scientific Conferences

5. Find and offer doctoral scholarships to Masters program graduates

6. Inaugurate the Law Clinic and the Economic Consultation Center

7. Improve the quality of thesis papers written by our students by organizing professional development workshops

8. Design capacity building programs for our lecturers in the areas of:

– Improved Research Writing and contributing to ISI journals


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