7 Apr 2020

Kateb University is honored to be official host of Afghanistan’s SDSN

SDSN is a designated UN body set up in 2012 to promote integrated education, research, policy analysis and global cooperation approaches to the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
Under the auspices of UN Secretary-General, all local SDSNs worldwide mobilize scientific and technological expertise to promote practical solutions for the sustainable development. The networks work alongside United Nations agencies, the private sector, multilateral financial institutions and civil society.
In August 2019, Kateb University hosted a conference on ‘Role of Universities in Achieving the SDGs in Afghanistan’. In his presentation in the conference, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of UN-SDSN advised that it was time Afghanistan worked towards establishing a local network of solution providers and that Kateb University should best take the lead on it. Since then, Kateb has been working tirelessly to establish A-SDSN. The proposal was submitted to the Strategy Council of SDSN earlier this year.
In March 2020, establishment of A-SDSN was approved, and Kateb University was appointed as the host. See https://www.unsdsn.org/sdsn-s-networks-strategy-council-approves-three-new-national-networks?fbclid=IwAR07BCKAC8W9RP7VKpdTUMnIar1HVjdJMWleUX9dOq0gX_mK4somrWqTx0U to get more information about which other countries have recently established their local SDSN.
Moving forward, Afghanistan SDSN will establish partnerships to form the Leadership Council of the network. Also, stay tuned for the membership form which will be out soon.



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